Welcome to gathering around the fire.






Hello to everyone who has stopped by to read my online journal. I am a writer, Reiki Practitioner and Mum to lovely twin girls. In my work I weave stories of landscape, place and home, all the while exploring identity and relationship with both the extrordinary and the everyday.

My lateat project is working alongside the artist Oliver Jerrold and is an intuitive exploration of landscape and sacred places. Using both paint and prose, our work will respond to the energy of those sites still hold for us today. And what we can learn by listening to them.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to gathering around the fire.

  1. Beth Krommes

    I have enjoyed reading everything! So lovely, Corinne. Do you live in Wales? Your photography is wonderful. I love the way you decorate your home and your children’s clothing. So very sweet.


    1. cmarbrow

      Dear Beth – thank you so much for reading everything and for taking the time to comment! I live in England but literally on the border with Wales (Wales is about a mike away!). I did grow up in Wales though and went to school there. It is a beautiful country. Have you ever been to Wales? X


      1. Beth Krommes

        Hi Corinne,

        I have never been to Wales but think it is so beautiful. All that stone! Monty Don\’s Big Dreams Small Spaces on Netflix had an episode with two men from Wales creating a garden. I did go to school for a year at St. Martin\’s (before it combined with Central) in 1975-76, and have been back to visit England twice since then, in London and Devon, where an old school friend lived. I\’m into Liberty fabric, St. Jude\’s fabric and wallpaper, Wm. Morris, etc., etc. A real Anglophile. So……hopefully will get to Wales sometime soon! Thanks for a beautiful blog and Instagram. Beth


  2. cmarbrow

    Dear Beth
    We have so much in common – I love liberty prints and that lovely floral English aesthetic! And I can’t agree with you more about the stone in Wales – it is in my imagination all the time, the way the stone soaks up the rain, changing from grey to an almost petroleum blue.
    If you ever come this way again – you are always welcome as our guest here. I will take you in a tour of some beautiful Welsh spots xxx


  3. potteringpootler

    Creative Countryside led me here, and I’m very glad it did. Your writing is perfection and you have made me want to run to the wintry woods and find stories to weave. Thank you.


    1. cmarbrow

      Thank you so much for taking the time to come over and read my blog and to leave such a warm hearted and kind message for me to find.
      Knowing that you enjoyed my words means so much, I can’t begin to tell you and gives me so much confidence.
      I hope you find plenty of stories to weave and in doing so discover lots of magic along the way.
      Thank you again
      Corinne x


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