Healing Work

My work within the healing arts has been steadily deepening and evolving over these past few years.

Following the birth of my twin daughters in 2016, I began to explore an integrated holistic approach to living my life as a woman and mother. I wanted to support and nurture my little family in a way that aligned with my values, which were becoming increasingly important to me.

In my late thirties I spent a great deal of time in a very rural part of the Scottish Borders. This began a period of deep introspection and change within myself. I looked back over my past and began a long process of healing.

When my daughters’ were born my relationship with my own healing began to deepen in line with my new role as a mother. I found so much of my old self, the outer layers that I had gathered around my skin as a protective and impenetrable cloak, but now no longer served who I was, began to fall away from me.

Friendships, ways of being, old attitudes and patterns of behaviour all crumbled. The raw space left behind welcomed new beginnings, people and places but also called back so much from my distant past that I thought I had lost for good. There was both a calling back and letting go. Change really began for me from those early days of motherhood and haven’t really stopped since then.

Since a young child I have known and learnt from people who I see as healers. People whose skills snd knowledge help others. My Aunty Kit, my honorary Grandmother as she named herself, was someone who influenced and taught me so much as a young girl and continues to guide me beyond her passing over 25 years ago.

She was an incredible lady who radiated a powerful yet supremely gentle sense of love. When I think of her now I think of someone who made me feel safe and warm. Someone who was full of love and carried an instinctive sense of wisdom. She was a true blessing to have had in my life. And through she passed away many years ago she continues to shape, guide and influence much of who I am today and the path I have chosen to take.

My Auntie Kit carried a tarot pack wrapped in silk inside her handbag and used her hands in a way I have since associated with the techniques of Reiki. She was one of those people who had a gentle yet wise presence and spoke in such a ordinary way about the more than ordinary world. My experience of the world had taught me that people like my Auntie Kit are blessings.

Since then people have taught me in different ways, stepping into my life when I have needed them and guiding me. These past several years have been especially busy as I have been learning and training with some incredible women who work as Shamanic Healers, Reiki practitioners, Crystal Healers and Creative Writers. All of these lovely women have helped to bring together a transformation in my work and what I do. My skills and passions have always seemed a bit disparate at times but I am coming to know more and more how they each inform one another, with a common thread binding them all together.

The healing aspect of my writing work is always present – the themes I always write about explore notions of place and belonging, the beauty that exists in the everyday and the magic of the more than human world world which surrounds us all.

This writing approach is not so different from my work as a healing practitioner. My work is for people to help bring a balance and harmony between the soul and the physical body and to use the life energy of the natural world as a source by which to facilitate that.

I also believe with everything that I am that healing from the land is the best type of healing. When we enter into a reciprocal loving relationship with our world, particularly the land we live directly on and near to, then true belonging and healing begins. We grow our roots and we stand strong. So much beauty and well being can come from that.

What can I offer you? 🍃


A beautiful experience which can energise, balance, soothe and align. I work instinctively to clear old energy to allow for a flow within your body, which is wonderful particularly after difficult times either emotionally or physically. I will sometimes use drumming and singing bowls at the beginning and end of this treatment and breath work is an integral part of the overall session to encourage you to relax and merge with the treatment being carried out.

Price £40 for I hr treatment

Womb Reiki

With an emphasis on the centre of who we are and where we all came from – Womb Reiki is a beautiful, connecting and transformative way to bring healing, balance, restoration and peace to the body.

Having a personal history of fertility issues and hereditary fibroids, I had many years of heavy, difficult periods and subsequent health issues because of them

I had a very big operation to remove some of them prior to beginning IVF. The combination of all those procedures and health barriers prompted me to begin a journey of healing my womb ( and myself) and my interest in womb healing and womb reiki began from there.

The treatment will focus on the womb as a source of creating balance but will be integrated within the body as a whole. I will encourage you to connect with this area of your body and to develop a relationship to it and to listen to what it might have to tell you.

I will help you to take practical and nurturing techniques that you can take home with you, to further help your relationship to your own womb/womb space . This is beautiful and important healing work and something I absolutely believe in.

It is also important to say that womb Reiki is not only for women who menstruate or indeed have a womb, whether that be from having had a hysterectomy or gender realignment.

We all share the experience of being cared for within a womb for the first few months of our lives. That connection still resides in the lower part of our body, within our centre, the sacral chakra and womb space of who we all are.

Price £40 for 1 hr